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Our Process

Every project is unique, but the basic process tends to be the same - gather the requirements, design the project, let the client review/tweak and then "go live".  Sometimes, one or more of those steps are repeated.  Throughout design and implementation, we'll maintain contact with you for ongoing feedback.


Gather Requirements

After an initial meeting, we'll sign a design contract and "get down to brass tacks".  We'll discuss all the details of your website - what you want, what you need and what you would like your website to look like.


Review the Draft

We'll create a first draft of your website based on the requirements gathered in our planning session.  You'll have a chance to review this draft and give us the feedback needed for the final version of the website.  


Finalize the Details

You'll be able to review and test the final version of the website.  Once you are comfortable with the final version, we will schedule a time to "Go Live".


Go Live

During the "Go Live" process, we'll transition your website to you and associate it with your domain.  We'll also train you in how to administer your site so you can save money by doing most things yourself.  Or if you choose, we can discuss a support contract.

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