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Let's Chat About Your Website

At Many Stars Designs LLC, we create professional, user-friendly and efficient websites and web solutions.  We enjoy communicating with our clients every step of the way - from requirements and possibilities to final project.  Our websites fit our clients' needs now and for the future.

New Website?

Are you new to having a website?

Don't know where to begin? 


We can walk you through all the steps in planning a new website.  Our experience has taught us which questions to ask so we can understand not only what you want, but also what you need.  We can discuss all the possibilities and the strategies for creating a final website that excites you.

Still want to do it yourself?  We offer coaching to help you plan out your website, or to save you when you get stuck.

to New Website
to Existing Website

Existing Website?

Have an existing website you want to transform or enhance?  We can guide you through all the possibilities and also the best strategy for making changes.  We also offer tech support if you find out that your existing website is not working correctly.


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Let's chat about your website.

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